Do I need any experience to paddle?

No! Our coaches will guide you through paddle selection, stroke mechanics, and build your skills to match the level you want to aspire to.

Do I need to buy a paddle?

The club maintains a selection of paddles for members and guests to borrow, though many members end up buying their own.

What should I wear?

Weather on Puget Sound can change rapidly. We recommend water-resistant or neoprene jacket and pants (no natural fibers!) with wetsuit booties during cold weather paddling, but swim shorts and jersey-style shirts will suffice in the warmer months. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices are required for every paddler, regardless of skill. The club will provide a basic PFD, however, you are welcome to bring your own. You will also want to bring your own water bottle or hydration pack. All paddlers are encouraged to have a dry bag to carry keys, cell phone, etc.

How much does it cost?

First year paddlers receive a discounted rate. The 2018 rate is $115 for adults and $175 for families. The club pays race entry fees for the four sprint races. Members pay long distance race entry fees; usually $20 to $30 per race.

How long are practices?

Practices are from one to two hours on the water depending on conditions and the time of year. Practices tend to get longer as the season progresses. See our Practices Page for more info on practice times.

Will I get to race?

The coaches determine the race crews. They will try their hardest to find a race seat for all interested paddlers. Racing is divided by age group, in men’s, women’s and co-ed crews.

I’m not interested in racing, is there a program for me?

Of course! Our recreational paddler group has practices that tend to be shorter and focus on learning technique and fitness.