Do I need any experience to paddle?

No! Our coaches will guide you through paddle selection, stroke mechanics, and build your skills to match the level you want to aspire to.

Do I need to buy a paddle?

The club maintains a selection of paddles for members and guests to borrow, though many members end up buying their own.

What should I wear?

Weather on Puget Sound can change rapidly. We recommend water-resistant or neoprene jacket and pants (no natural fibers!) with wetsuit booties during cold weather paddling, but swim shorts and jersey-style shirts will suffice in the warmer months. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices are required for every paddler, regardless of skill. The club will provide a basic PFD, however, you are welcome to bring your own. You will also want to bring your own water bottle or hydration pack. All paddlers are encouraged to have a dry bag to carry keys, cell phone, etc.