Kokua Gordon


Mahalo (thank you) for giving us your time and for reading Gordon’s story.

Time is a finite amount given to all of us. It has been said that we are never given more challenges than we can handle. If this is true, some of us are truly blessed with a spiritual strength that we can only hope to have.

#GordonMStrong: Belief in Ohana - Belief in Gordon Martinez

In April of this year, Gordon was given the diagnosis that nothing can prepare you for…

“Gordon, you have lymphoma – you have cancer.”

Of all the life challenges and obstacles Gordon has overcome, this is by far the most serious. With your help and support he will be able to focus on fighting this cancer so he can return to caring for his family.

He ensured his Ohana was safe and secure when they lost their home to a tragic fire in 2015. He graciously carried his daughter through the loss of her best friend & future husband in a horrible drowning accident last year. Gordon will always be the foundation of the Martinez Ohana. It is his spiritual energy & strength – his mana – that enables him to guide and love his 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Gordon gives all of his pu’uwai (heart) to his family & friends.

Gordon is a single father & grandfather. Years ago, Gordon took the courageous step to become a business owner. His carpet cleaning company has grown over the years, and he has built his client base through hard work, service, and dedication. His business exists to support his growing family. He supports two adult daughters and 3 grandkids in his current home.

Gordon has started his chemo treatments and will continue them every three weeks for the next 5 months. The brutal nature of the chemotherapy has degraded his immune system to the point that he has developed painful shingles. If that wasn’t bad enough – his immune system is so compromised that he has already been hospitalized once with a white blood cell count of 500 (9,000 is a more normal number). Anything from a cold to the current health crisis of our pandemic could create an emergency - sending him to the hospital again. During his treatments, he will be restricted from work 50% of the time due to his compromised immune system. The other 50% will be based on whether or not the chemotherapy leaves Gordon enough strength to work. Gordon will always put his family first – so we wouldn’t be surprised if he musters the strength to persevere and push through for the much-needed income.

Gordon recently retired last year after 17 years of Hawaiian Outrigger Coaching. It was time to pass the torch to others. His leadership in teaching many within our paddling community, has enabled him to now focus on being the best father and grandfather to his children and grandchildren. For Gordon, being on the water is part of his blood, and in time he will return. The most important focus of this community right now is to give him the love and financial support he needs to care for his children and grandchildren.

I am asking on behalf of the Martinez Ohana, for your support to help with the financial burden of lost work income. His medical treatments, bills, and everyday life expenses continue to climb.

With your support, we would like to continue to post weekly updates on Gordon’s journey.

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much)


The Martinez Ohana

There are several ways you can support Gordon and his 'ohana during this time:

Send funds via Paypal (Gordonmartinez), Venmo (@Gordon-Martinez-1), Zelle, or Cashapp ($GordonMartinez), or to GoFundMe (Link).

If you would like to mail checks or other gifts to Gordon, please use the following mailing address:
1911 SW Campus Drive #227
Federal Way, WA 98023

Thank you again for your support during this time.