Coaching Criteria

Measures how fast you can make the canoe move, either oc-1, oc-2 or oc-6. Time trials will be measured in meters or miles. This criterion is critical information for coaches to find out what every individual is made of. It provides coaches with information on your speed, condition, endurance, power, and balance. It also provides you with good information about your own strengths and weaknesses. You will be assessed on a team
curve to know where you stand. Throughout the year you’ll see your improvement! This will help you reach higher levels of competition.

2. TIMING & TECHNIQUE (skills)
Good technique and timing are vital! When all 6 paddlers are blending in unison and rhythm, we are all connected, and the canoe will glide more efficiently! Poor technique and off timing create a drag, the canoe will not run smoothly. All 6 enter together and pull together and exit together. Good body mechanics; centering your weight and body position in your seat from head to toe. The same stroke technique with your crew to
blend and match power is the key!

Having the athletic ability to pull water. “Power to Weight Ratio to your Weight.” Meaning that having enough or more than enough power or strength to pull your weight in the canoe. Example, a 150lbs person can pull as much water as a 225lbs person! Having a great explosive start could help your crew jump ahead. Which then leads to the next level, your Anaerobic Threshold Level (ATL).

4. FITNESS CONDITION (endurance level)
High cardiovascular and anaerobic threshold level to have the athletic ability to maintain high levels of force in your stroke for a long duration of time. No matter how strong you are you must sustain that power from start to finish throughout the whole race to be proficient!

Having good sportsmanship! How well you get along with other competitors, coaches, teammates etc. Show your support to your club. Helping with loading and rigging canoe, setting up club tent etc. Win or lose, cheer on your teammates and say positive words in and around the canoe. Constructive criticism builds a positive attitude and good support! We adults are all role models for our younger generation. Negativity is cancer that spreads throughout! No negativity!

Show up for practices, races and meetings on time. Come to practice as much as you possibly can! Very important to be on time for long-distance practices. Once we leave the shore we won’t be back until we finish. If you can’t do practice or races it is your responsibility to let your coach know. Your crew is counting on you! It could be a deciding factor.