Paddling Levels


Introduction to Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Paddling: 

Open house or 3 free sessions. People of all ages and abilities can give it a try. There is no paddling experience necessary. Swimming ability is required, or a life jacket must be worn. Every level includes instruction on emergency capsize and recovery (Huli), equipment use, coaching and paddling. *OC-1 training is one of the best training methods for outrigger paddling! It measures conditioning/endurance, balance, technique, speed and power.... You can choose any of the 3 levels of paddling and have a lifetime experience!

Level #1 (Recreational Fun Paddling)

Members can paddle for fun recreationally and not compete or race. Suitable for novice paddling, any ability or fitness level, no judgment, no time trial or cross training required. Just paddle for fun, enjoyment, exercise and social interaction. Swimming ability is required, or a life jacket must be worn.

Level #2 (Recreational Racer)

This program is for the average and above recreational paddler with at least a few years or more of experience who just wants to have fun! This level is designed for members with busy lifestyles with family and work but who would still love to race on race day! If you can’t practice but would still love to race, this is the level for you! Members can paddle recreational & race competitively “without competing for top crew.” No time trial or cross training required, however, OC1 cross training is encouraged for racing! This level is also for those paddlers who wish to continue and improve their fitness and paddling skills and eventually compete at higher a level. Swimming ability is required, or a life jacket must be worn. Must have average to above average fitness level. It is highly important to communicate with your coaches whether you intend to race
or not. Level #2 Includes all regatta OC6 race fees. Distance race fees are separate.

Level #3 (Competitive Racer)

Paddlers who take the sport a little more seriously who want to compete at the highest level and be the best! Racing competitively and continually improving to be the best in the Northwest!! Must have above average to high fitness level! Compete at regular time trials for top crew and attend team practices. Paddlers should be training both oc1 independently/team. Cross training is mandatory if cannot attend team practices. Paddlers must be proficient in self-rescue skills, be comfortable in surfing swells and choppy water. Paddlers will set goals throughout the season that they will aim to achieve while training. Paddlers must have long distance experience with a minimum duration of 2hrs to 4+hrs. **Although level #3 requires higher expectations for team commitment and self-training, we strive to be flexible and balance paddling with other life choices. Family & work come first! As long as you manage your training to maintain competitiveness! Level #3 Includes all regatta oc6 race fees. Distance race fees are separate.

Imua Kikaha! Coach Gordon~